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PhyloCode 2020: Naming the Tree of Life

Donoghue, Michael [1], Clement, Wendy [2].

A new phylogenetic nomenclature for the Dipsacales.

We re-examine and update phylogenetic nomenclature for the Dipsacales and related plants in light of recent advances in our understanding of relationships. If Aquifoliales are more closely related to Lamiidae, as recently suggested, then Apiideae becomes synonymous with Campunulidae. Fortunately, this possibility was anticipated in the formal PhyloCode definitions of both Campanulidae and Apiideae in 2020. Additional clade names within Campanulidae, including Dipsapiideae, Dipsidae, and Dipsacales, as defined by Tank and Donoghue (2010), still stand. Recent phylogenetic studies of the Dipsacales support the retention of the following names proposed by Donoghue et al. 2001: Adoxaceae, Adoxoideae, Adoxina, Caprifoliaceae, Diervilleae, Caprifolieae, Linnina, and Valerina. We will name all of these except Diervillieae (see below) under the Phylocode (2020). Note that we recognize Adoxaceae for the clade that includes Viburnum, Sambucus, and Adoxa and its relatives, and reject the decision of the Nomenclatural Committee of the ICN (2013) to conserve the name Viburnaceae, as this ignores decades of literature using Adoxaceae for this clade. We also will phylogenetically define the following names already in use: Diervillioideae (synonymous with the formally unpublished Diervilleae), Caprifolioideae, Linnaeoideae, Morinoideae, Dipsacoideae, Valerianoideae, and Scabioseae. We note that these names are not intended to imply any particular rank, and that in several cases are defined so as to include clades for which phylogenetic names have previously been proposed. For example, Caprifolioideae is used for the clade that includes Heptacodium plus the Caprifolieae. Finally, to promote communication about these plants, five new names will be introduced to reflect confidently supported major clades (e.g., the clade including Caprifolioideae and Linnina to the exclusion of Diervillioideae). Our new phylogenetic system for the Dipsacales provides a stable nomenclature that reflects decades of phylogenetic research and avoids future name changes based solely on the desire to change the ranks at which clades are recognized.

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1 - Yale University, Department Of Ecology And Evolutionary Biology, 21 Sachem St., New Haven, CT, 06511, United States
2 - The College Of New Jersery, Dept. Of Biology, 2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ, 08628, United States


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Date: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM(EDT)
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