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Bustillos-Lema, Mariela [1], Peñuela, Maria Cristina [1].

Reproductive biology of palm Socratea rostrata Burret in the Colonso Chalupas Biological Reserve, Napo- Ecuador.

Socratea rostrata is a piedmont palm that offers fruits and raw material to local communities, but with few studies about its reproductive ecology. The objective of this work was to study the biological aspects of the species. We observed the morphology, and monthly monitored the phenology and floral visitors of 90 individuals in the Colonso Chalupas Biological Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon, between 2019 and September 2020. We found that flowering was synchronous (71.1%) between August and November showing a positive correlation (r = 0.83) with the hottest time of the year. There was a production of 360 inflorescences and 327 infructescences during the sampling, showing a high reproductive efficiency. Fruit formation lasted between five and six months. We found 30 morphotypes of four insect orders: Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, and Hymenoptera. The 67% of insect morphotypes of Coleoptera belong to the Nitidulidae and Curculionidae families, so they are possibly the main pollinators of this palm. The relationship shown between flowering and temperature is important in the context of global change since alterations in this variable could lead to modify this relationship with pollinators and generate population variations, altering the structure and functioning of the forest. The information is a contribution to the knowledge of biodiversity in the country and is useful in management plans to protect the palm and associated species.

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1 - Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam, Tena, Napo, Ec

Amazon palm tree

Presentation Type: Poster
Session: P1, Ecology Posters
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Monday, July 19th, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM(EDT)
Number: P1EC012
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