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Chromosome and Karyotype Evolution in Plants

Tribble, Carrie [1], Escudero Lirio, Antonio Marcial [2], Zenil-Ferguson, Rosana [3], Marquez-Corro, Jose Ignacio [4].

Model for chromosome number evolution linked to diversification in sedges (Cyperaceae).

Recent studies of angiosperm diversification have focused on the role of polyploidy as a driver of diversification. A less studied aspect in this field is the role of aneuploidies, single chromosomal changes that can enhance or hinder speciation and extinction of lineages by instantaneously modifying species fitness and potentially inducing reproductive isolation. From the modeling perspective, studying aneuploidy linked to diversification is mathematically and computationally challenging because of the large number of states and parameters to track single chromosome changes. In this talk, we show how to construct a graphical model of chromosome evolution linked to speciation and extinction with a large number of states. Our model includes parameters that functionally link speciation and extinction rates to chromosome number change and differentiate between anagenetic and cladogenetic aneuploidy changes. Our proposed model was applied to the most recent Cyparaceae time-calibrated phylogeny with chromosome number information that contains over 700 taxa. We found that both anagenetic and cladogenetic changes of single chromosomes are significant in the diversification of the sedges. Our inferences show strong evidence in favor of aneuploidy being a main driver of diversification in Cyperaceae.

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1 - University Of Hawaii At Manoa, Department Of Biology, 2538 McCarthy Mall, Edmondson Hall 216, Honolulu, HI, 96822, United States
2 - UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE, PLANT BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY, Reina Mercedes Sn, NÂș Q-4118001-I, Sevilla, 41012, Spain
3 - University Of Hawaii, School Of Life Sciences, 2538 McCarthy Mall, Edmonson 309, Honolulu, HI, 96822, United States
4 - Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering, Carretera de Utrera km 1, Seville, ES-41013, Spain

state-dependent speciation and extinction

Presentation Type: Colloquium Presentations
Session: C11, Chromosome and Karyotype Evolution in Plants
Location: /
Date: Friday, July 23rd, 2021
Time: 1:15 PM(EDT)
Number: C11013
Abstract ID:796
Candidate for Awards:None

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