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Development and Structure

Conway, Stephanie [1], Kramer, Elena M. [2].

Network analyses identifies key polarity genes in the Aquilegia petal spur.

The size and shape of a plant organ is defined by a complex interaction of cell division and cell expansion, with underlying genetic and molecular programs that often take cues from environmental stimuli. The lower eudicot model system Aquilegia produces three-dimensional petal spurs that fill with nectar to attract pollinators. The initial growth of the spur is driven by a phase of cell proliferation that is at first widespread but becomes localized to the incipient nectary. This establishes the basic three-dimensional out-pocketing of the tubular spur. This is followed by a switch to anisotropic cell elongation that generates the lengthened spur. Previous studies have identified some key players critical to spur development, including genes that drive the early cell division and shaping of the early out-pocket, as well as the hormonal pathways necessary for the formation and length of the petal. In this study, transcriptomic analyses of developing petals are used to generate co-expression networks associated with early (cell division) and late (cell elongation) development. We present co-expression networks of the major players and reveal numerous links between development and polarity genes that may be important in sculpting the complex three-dimensional spur.

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1 - Harvard University, OEB, 16 Divinity Ave, Kramer Lab Biolabs Room 1119, Cambridge, MA, 02138, United States
2 - Harvard Univ., OEB, 16 Divinity Avenue, BL 1119, Cambridge, MA, 02138, United States


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: DS1, Development and Structure I
Location: /
Date: Tuesday, July 20th, 2021
Time: 1:30 PM(EDT)
Number: DS1014
Abstract ID:784
Candidate for Awards:None

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