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Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions

Dahal, Sushil [1], Siniscalchi, Carol [2], Engle-Wrye, Nicholas [3], Folk, Ryan [4].

Population genomics of Symphyotrichum subg. Virgulus and test of the putative hybrid origin of S. amethystinum.

Symphyotrichum, comprising most species traditionally treated as asters in the New World, is one of the most diverse genera in the eastern US and well-known for its taxonomic difficulty, including putatively widespread hybridization and polyploidy. Its broad presence across major biomes also make it an excellent system for investigating phylogeographic breaks across eastern North America and biogeographic connections to the rest of the continent. As a preliminary investigation into the genus, here we investigate phylogenetic relationships and phylogeographic patterns in subgenus Virgulus.
We performed sequence capture on DNA libraries derived entirely from herbarium specimens using the Angio353 baitset, sampling broadly across the range of the subgenus (19/~25 species, with strong representation across the range of broadly distributed taxa) and finding broad success with herbarium specimens and numerous variable sites at subspecific levels. We applied standard phylogenetic methods (concatenation in RAxML-NG and coalescence in ASTRAL-III), and ordination methods to obtain a view on overall diversity. We then tested for the presence of hybridization in the group, using phylogenetic network methods in PhyloNet and coalescent simulations.
Our results suggest decisive support for the monophyly of subg. Virgulus and mostly corroborate monophyly of the existing subsectional taxonomy. We were able to recover strong phylogeographic structure within the widespread species S. novae-angliae and S. patens, which does not correspond with subspecific variation recognized in the past. Finally, we test the hybrid origin of the morphologically distinct hybrid species S. amethystinum.

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1 - Mississippi State University, Department of Biology, 202 Milford Street, Apt 167, Tupelo, MS, 38801, USA
2 - 500 Louisville St, Apt 2, Starkville, MS, 39759, United States
3 - 509 Spruce Ln, Starkville, MS, 39759, United States
4 - 295 E. Lee Blvd., P.O. Box GY, Mississippi State, MS, 39762, United States


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Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
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