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Development and Structure

Zenchyzen, Brandi [1], Carey, Shane [1], Antochi-Crihan, Georgiana [1], Hall, Jocelyn [1].

Elucidating the developmental and genetic basis of a novel floral feature in Cleomaceae.

The reproductive success of flowering plants is dependent on pollination. As such, many flowering plants have evolved suites of characteristics to attract pollinators. A feature presumably related to pollination biology is the androgynophore; a stalk-like structure that supports and elevates the reproductive organs of the flower. Stalk-like structures such as the androgynophore are characteristic of Cleomaceae and are also present in many unrelated species, including the crop plant Passiflora edulis (passion fruit) in Passifloraceae. The position or arrangement of floral organs can encourage pollinator visitation by providing efficient access to floral rewards or increase the chance of pollen transfer. Despite its likely connection to pollination biology and widespread presence amongst taxa, androgynophore development has not yet been characterized. We are investigating the developmental and genetic basis of the androgynophore in Gynandropsis gynandra (Cleomaceae), a leafy vegetable native to Africa and Asia. Here we combine morphological analyses with comparative gene expression studies to provide insight on gene function and contribute to our understanding of diversification including the mechanisms behind elongation and fusion of floral features.

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1 - University of Alberta, Biological Sciences, 116 St & 85 Ave , Edmonton, AB, T6G2R3, Canada

floral morphology
Floral development

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: DS2, Development and Structure II
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Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 11:30 AM(EDT)
Number: DS2007
Abstract ID:435
Candidate for Awards:None

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