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Leisner, Courtney [1].

Impact of choice of future climate change projection on growth chamber experimental outcomes: a preliminary study in potato.

Understanding the impacts of climate change on agriculture is essential to ensure adequate future food production. Controlled growth experiments provide an effective tool for assessing the complex effects of climate change. However, a review of the use of climate projections in 57 previously published controlled growth studies found that none considered within-season variations in projected future temperature change, and few considered regional differences in future warming. A fixed, often arbitrary, temperature perturbation typically was applied for the entire growing season. This study investigates the utility of employing more complex climate change scenarios in growth chamber experiments. A case study in potato was performed using three dynamically downscaled climate change projections for the mid-21st century that differ in terms of the timing during the growing season of the largest projected temperature changes. The climate projections were used in growth chamber experiments for four elite potato cultivars commonly planted in Michigan’s major potato growing region. The choice of climate projection had a significant influence on the sign and magnitude of the projected changes in aboveground biomass and total tuber count, whereas all projections suggested an increase in total tuber weight and a decrease in specific gravity, a key market quality trait for potato, by mid-century. These results demonstrate that the use of more complex climate projections that extend beyond a simple incremental change can provide additional insights on the future impacts of climate change on crop production and the accompanying uncertainty.

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1 - Auburn University , Biological Sciences, 101 Rouse Life Sciences Building, Auburn, AL, 36849, United States

climate change

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: PHYS, Physiology
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Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 11:15 AM(EDT)
Number: PHYS006
Abstract ID:432
Candidate for Awards:None

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