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Functional Genetics/Genomics

Pruthi, Aman [1], Greenwood, Joshua [2], Stark, Lloyd [3], Raudenbush, Zane [4], Johnson, Matthew [5].

Development of genomic tools for Bryum argenteum: Genome assembly and annotation using long and short reads.

BACKGROUND Bryum argenteum also known as Silvery-threaded moss (STM) is a moss with high desiccation and heavy metal tolerance belonging to family Bryaceae. STM is a cosmopolitan moss and its adaptive characteristics have allowed it to thrive in urban environments such as roadsides, cracks in sidewalks, asphalt, industrial areas, etc. Recently, the moss has been able to invade golf courses around America, competing with turf grass for nutrients and space. STM populations in putting greens are phenotypically different from native gametophytes. with fast-growing filamentous colonies consisting only of female gametophytes. Assembling a genome of B. argenteum will provide a platform for understanding how adaptation and plasticity impact the rise of STM as an invasive species. OBJECTIVES We present a draft genome of STM assembled using long (Nanopore PromethION) and short (Illumina NovaSeq) reads. We explore several assembly and quality control methods and annotate the genome using RNAseq data from one female and one male genotype. Our draft genome will help identify genes responsible for high desiccation and heavy metal tolerance and if those genes are homologous to those found in resurrection plants and metallophytes, respectively. Future applications of the genome assembly include: 1) why the putting green STMs are different than its native strains, 2) why there is an absence of males from the putting greens and 3) how to control or get rid of invasive STMs from golf courses.

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1 - Texas Tech Univeristy, 3130 4th Street Apt 201, Lubbock, TX, 79415, United States
2 - 787 E. Harmon Ave, Apt 17, Las Vegas, NV, 89119.0, United States
3 - Univeristy of Nevada
4 - Davey Tree Expert Company
5 - Texas Tech University, Biological Sciences, 2901 Main Street, Ms3131, Lubbock, TX, 79409, United States

Genome Assembly
Bryum argenteum.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: FG, Functional Genetics and Genomics
Location: /
Date: Monday, July 19th, 2021
Time: 11:15 AM(EDT)
Number: FG006
Abstract ID:299
Candidate for Awards:A. J. Sharp Award

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