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Hagl, Peter Anton [1], Gargiulo, Roberta [2], Fay, Michael [3], Solofondranohatra, Lova Cédrique [4], Salmona, Jordi [7], Suescun, Uxue [7], Rakotomalala, Nantenaina [5], Lehmann, Caroline [6], Besnard, Guillaume [7], Papadopulos, Alexander S. T. [2], Vorontsova, Maria S. [8].

Geographical structure of genetic diversity in Loudetia simplex (Poaceae) in Madagascar and Africa.

Ecologically dominant species are primary determinants of ecosystem function, especially in grassy ecosystems. The history and biology of grassy ecosystems in Madagascar are poorly understood compared to those of Africa. Loudetia simplex is a C4 perennial grass that is adapted to fire and common to dominant across Africa. It is also widespread across central Madagascar in what are often thought to be human-derived grasslands, leading us to question how recently L. simplex arrived and how it spread across Madagascar. To address this, we collected population genetic data for 11 nuclear and ten plastid microsatellite loci, both newly developed for > 200 accessions from 78 populations of L. simplex, primarily from Madagascar and South Africa. Malagasy and African populations are genetically differentiated and harbour distinct plastid lineages. Our results support distinct geographically clustered diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid groups. The Malagasy hexaploid populations cluster into northern and southern types. In South Africa, diploid populations from the Drakensberg are distinct from tetraploid populations from the Transvaal. Different genetic clusters are associated with significantly different precipitation and temperature. This study is consistent with a pre-human diversification of L. simplex populations in Madagascar.

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1 - Royal Botanic Gardens, Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology, Kew , Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB
2 - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Conservation Science, Surrrey, Richmond, London, United Kingdom, UK
3 - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology, Surrrey, Richmond, London, United Kingdom, UK
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8 - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Department of Plant and Fungal Biology, Kew, Richmonnd, Surrey, TW9 3AE, UK

grassy biomes
Population Genetics

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