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Choi, Tae-Young [1], Yoon, Se Hyun [2], Son, Dong-Chan [3], Lee, Soo-Rang [4].

A taxonomic monograph of Polygonatum integrated across phylogenomic scales using targeted sequencing of 353 nuclear genes: a proposed research design.

Genus Polygonatum Mill. (Asparagaceae) is a diverse plant group that is particularly well appreciated in East Asia for the wide array of commercial uses and the species diversity. Despite the increased recognition for its value as the natural resources, knowledge on the taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships among congeners have been lacking. The paucity of taxonomic and phylogenetic information on Polygonatum is primarily be attributed to the global scale distribution and poor understanding on the species boundaries. Taxonomic monographs have offered a great tool for understanding species diversity, although, in the recent past, the method has been considered outdated and rather daunting with augmented herbarium data. Here, we propose a research design for a global scale taxonomic monograph of Polygonatum integrated with a phylogenomic approach. Through the study, we aim delimit species boundaries and understand the phylogenetic relationships among taxa. To address our objectives: 1) we will be newly listing names under International Code of Nomenclature by examining over 200 names; 2) we will provide typification if required, keys and descriptions of species of interests following by the morphological examinations of 12,000 herbarium specimen and 3) we will infer genome-scale phylogeny of ~70 taxa by employing 353-angiosperm single copy genes targeted capture. The study will expand our knowledge of Polygonatum taxonomy and offer important information of biodiversity in the Asiatic plant taxa.

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1 - Chosun University, Department of Biology Education, Gwangju
2 - Chosun University, Department of Biology Education
3 - Korea National Arboretum, Forest Biodiversity Division and Herbarium
4 - Chosun University, Department Of Biology Education, #4504 Natural Sciences Building, Pilmun-daero, Donggu, 29, 61452, Korea, Republic of

taxonomic monograph  
Targeted Sequencing of 353 Genes

Presentation Type: Poster
Session: P3, Systematics Posters
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM(EDT)
Number: P3SY001
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