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Development and Structure

Schoonderwoerd, Kristel [1], Friedman, William [2].

Naked resting bud morphologies and their taxonomic and geographic distributions in temperate, woody floras.

Due to their omnipresence in temperate climate zones, the cataphylls of resting buds are frequently assumed to play a crucial protective role in winter. As a result, resting buds that overwinter without cataphyll protection are often thought to be very unusual in temperate regions. Yet, when we inventoried temperate, woody angiosperm species with such naked buds, we found that resting buds without cataphyll protection in winter are not, as long presumed, markedly rare in temperate floras.
In fact, naked buds occur in various morphologically distinct variations in at least 87 genera in 42 families across the angiosperm phylogeny. After characterizing the morphological and functional diversity of naked buds, we summarized the taxonomic and geographic distributions of taxa with naked buds and investigated relationships between plant functional traits and bud type.
Interestingly, the geographic distribution of species with naked buds in temperate areas was found to be associated with summer precipitation but not with winter climatic variables. This suggests that resting bud structure is not necessarily a trait solely optimized for winter survival. Instead, whether a taxon’s resting bud composition includes cataphylls or not may be influenced by factors such as biogeographic history or the ontogenetic pattern and timing of primary growth over the growing season.

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1 - Harvard Univeristy, Arnold Arboretum & Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, 1300 Centre Street, Roslindale, MA, 02131, United States
2 - Harvard University, Arnold Arboretum, 1300 Centre St., Boston, MA, 02131, United States

bud scale
naked bud
resting bud
temperate forests
tree architecture
winter bud
winter dormancy.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: DS3, Development and Structure III
Location: /
Date: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021
Time: 1:15 PM(EDT)
Number: DS3013
Abstract ID:486
Candidate for Awards:Katherine Esau Award,Developmental and Structural Section Graduate Student Registration Award

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