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Ebinghaus, Malte [1], Santos, Maria D.M. [2], DIANESE, JOSE CARMINE [3].

Morpho-phylogenetic analyses support the establishment of a new family of rust fungi.

The genus Cerradoa (type species Cerradoa palmaea) was established in 1978 by Hennen and Ono and named after the Brazilian Cerrado biome. The holotype was collected at an important ecological reserve (Estação Ecológica de Águas Emendadas)  in Planaltina, Federal District, Brazil. The fungus is responsible for the first rust reported on palms (Arecaceae) showing both telial and uredinial morphs. However, for almost four decades, Cerradoa has been regarded as a synonym of Edythea (type species E. quitensis), as established in the 1983 second edition of the Illustrated Genera of Rust Fungi by Cummins and Hiratsuka. Our molecular phylogenetic analyses based on partial nuc rDNA large subunit (28S) and the cytochrome c-oxidase subunit 3 (CO3) of the mitochondrial DNA, and detailed morphological investigations, allowed us to reject the hypothesis of a synonymy of Cerradoa with Edythea. Cerradoa  palmaea was shown as phylogenetically segregated from Edythea (Pucciniaceae), but closely allied to two species of rust fungi (Puccinia paullula and P. raphidophorae) infecting araceous hosts in Australia and Thailand. In broader phylogenetic analyses including the four species (C. palmaea, E. quitensis, P. paullula, P. raphidophorae) plus two species of rust fungi on ferns (Desmella ainemiae and Puccinia lygodii), except for E. quitensis, the remaining species clustered as a well-supported sister group to the Pucciniaceae. Consequently, the cluster deserves to be treated as a new family within the Pucciniales. Except for P. lygoddi, the other species are characterized by having supra-stomatal uredia and telia with vertically septate teliospores. New combinations and the description of the new family are being prepared for publication.

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1 - Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Botany, Universitätsstraße 150, Bochum, , 44801, Germany
2 - Universidade de Brasilia Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Ecology, Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Asa Norte, Brasília, DF, 70910-900, Brasil
3 - Universidade de Brasilia Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Fitopatologia (Plant Pathlogy), Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Asa Norte, Brasília, DF, 70910-900, Brasil

Cerrado fungi
Palm rust
Fern rust fungi

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Date: Monday, July 19th, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM(EDT)
Number: MYP1005
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