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Tropical Biology

Xiong, XiangWen [1].

Evolution of Carbon Capture Capacity with Reverse Use of An Urban EEMs Artificial Dwarfing Forests System & Indoor/Outdoor Forest Surroundings.

An ecological & energized modules (EEMs) living underlying and fundamental system that can be typically laid on roofs and almost all the non-roof public areas, such as freeway, road, street, avenue, pedestrian zone, sidewalk, plaza, courtyard, and corridor is an unrivaled and powerful carbon capture system with significant positive spillover for carbon removal and carbon balance. Most of the infrastructures, such as airports, stations, docks, plazas and the highway system, are with high-mast lightings or other mass lighting systems. The optimized high-mast lightings and the processed mass lighting systems have a strong and long-acting accelerating photosynthesis for the specialized transgenic, grafted and dwarfed plants and flowers in the EEM modules, which will make the EEMs living system to be an unrivaled and powerful carbon capture system with significant positive spillover. We will show that the preliminary calculation result is that the same EEM area is with greater carbon capture capacity than the same common forest area. And other simulation parameters and calculation results will be provided as well. Importantly, unlike the conventional carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), the CO2 was seen as a harmful substance that needs to be removed rather than collected in the reverse use of EEMs living system see it as a nuisance. The reverse use of the EEMs living system made its large-scale deployments and widespread use has excellent cost-effectiveness and economic value. The totally-enclosed EEM living system with flourishing seasonal flowers and plants will generate enough clean energy, provide enough high-quality air with plentiful oxygen, plant anions, floral, phytoncide, active constituents, and fragrant scents with low-concentration CO2 and lower concentrations of NOx, COx, SO2, H2S, HC, etc., and will deliver to the people nearby for health care and health promotion. The reverse use of EEMs living system not only is a protective layer, a greening layer and a landscape layer for the bare earth and human nude infrastructure, but it is also an underlying and fundamental system of zero energy, zero-water consumption, zero-carbon with a 100% greening rate, 100% clean energy, high-quality air, and powerful carbon capture system that can be proliferated like a bacterium and to be a ubiquity.   REFERENCE 1, Xiong, X., "Optical Runway, Stealth Runway, Carbon Capture and High-Quality Air in a Novel EEMs Green & Clean Energy Airfield," SAE Int. J. Adv. & Curr. Prac. in Mobility 3(3):1307-1316, 2021, 2, 3,

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1 - International WYNNBEAR Advanced Innovation, The US/CHN

ecological & energized module (EEM)
Carbon Capture Capacity
High-Quality Air Indicators
EEM Artificial Dwarfing Forests
Indoor Forest Surroundings
Transgenic Tropical Plants.

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Session: P3, Tropical Biology Posters
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM(EDT)
Number: P3TB001
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