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Hunter, Elizabeth Sage [1], Literman, Robert [2], Zhang, Ning [2], Ott, Brittany [2], Wen, Jun [3], Greenbaum, Alexandra [1], Hsu, Erica [2], Handy, Sara [4].

Adding to the Pantry of the FDA Reference Standard Library, GenometrakrCP.

DNA based identification methods for plants suffer from a lack of available high quality authenticated voucher data. Plastid genomes are both highly conserved and unique to each species, making them an ideal candidate for a reference database. However, it is costly and time consuming to collect, store, sequence, and annotate these specimens. Here, 114 individual authenticated botanicals, primarily collected and housed by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, are being added to the United States Food and Drug Administration’s publicly available plastid database, GenomeTrackrCP. They include 113 unique species that represent 47 families and 27 orders. About half of these voucher specimens represent completely new additions to Genbank, and a greater portion represents the first vouchered dataset available for a given species. There are representatives from herbal medicines, toxic plant species, and allergenic plants. In addition, the gene content of these 114 individuals has been compared phylogenetically and represents a truly diverse cross section of angiosperms. These data will add substantially to the GenomeTrackrCP database and have far reaching impacts in the fields of food/dietary supplement identification, phylogenetics, and systematics

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1 - U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Science, HFS 706, 5001 Campus Dr. , College Park, MD, 20740, USA
2 - United States Food and Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Science, HFS 706, 5001 Campus Dr., College Park, MD, 20740, USA
3 - Botany, MRC-166 National Museum Of Natural History, 10th St. & Constitution Ave., NW, Mrc 166, Washington/DC, 20013, United States
4 - HFS-717, 5001 Campus Dr., College Park, MD, 20740, United States

plant identifcation

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: PHYLOI, Phyogenomics I
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Monday, July 19th, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM(EDT)
Number: PHYLOI005
Abstract ID:186
Candidate for Awards:None

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