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Baker, Stephen [1], Kerrigan, Julia [1], Schnable, Guido [1], Stewart, Jane [2].

Identification of Cytospora species isolated from peach cankers in South Carolina.

Cytospora species (Sordariomycetes, Diaporthales) are the causal agent of Cytospora canker on a variety of tree hosts, including those of economic importance such as peach (Prunus persica). These fungi enter their host indirectly via wounds, infecting the xylem tissue and resulting in dieback symptoms in limbs and twigs. If infection persists, necrotic cankers form and give rise to asexual reproductive structures, pycnidia, which produce conidia that serve as the source of inoculum for subsequent infections. Loss of major limbs, yield reduction, and death can occur, which can be severely devastating in trees used for fruit production. In 2016, a survey of twig blight of peach trees was conducted in the major peach growing regions of South Carolina, and Cytospora species were isolated for the first time from peach in the state. When samples from symptomatic branches were grown in culture, isolates displayed highly variable morphology and initial sequencing of the internal transcribed region (ITS) found the isolates to be the same species. The goal of this study is to provide an accurate species-level determination using detailed morphological descriptions in combination with genetic sequences of four additional loci: actin (ACT), beta tublin (TUB), calmodium (CAL), and translation elongation factor 1-alpha (TEF). Preliminary results show the isolates to be Cytospora plurviora, a species first described from California in 2018 and distributed on a wide range of hosts, including peach.

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1 - Clemson University, Plant and Environmental Science , 130 McGinty Ct, Clemson, South Carolina, 29634-0001, USA
2 - Colorado State University, Agricultural Biology , 301 University Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80523, USA


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: MY5, Mycology: Systematics, Biodiversity, and Evolution
Location: /
Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 4:15 PM(EDT)
Number: MY5006
Abstract ID:1134
Candidate for Awards:None


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