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Hsieh, Chia-Lun [1], Yu, Chih-Chieh [2], Huang, Yu-Lan [1], Chung, Kuo-Fang [1].

Mahonia vs. Berberis unloaded: Generic delimitation and revised infrafamilial classification of Berberidaceae based on plastid phylogenomics.

The early-diverging eudicot family Berberidaceae is an assemblage of several morphologically diverse genera. Although Berberidaceae has been extensively studied, its infrafamilial classification and generic delimitation are still in great controversy. The most debated issue is the generic delimitation of the family’s most species-rich but taxonomically controversial group, Berberis L. s.l., which was circumscribed by Yu and Chung (2017; Taxon 66(6): 1371–1392) into four genera: Alloberberis C.C.Yu & K.F.Chung, Berberis s. str., Mahonia Nutt., and Moranothamnus C.C.Yu & K.F.Chung, based on their morphological, ecological, and evolutionary distinctness. Additionally, the total number of genera of Berberidaceae varies greatly across different authors and public databases owing to diverse opinion on the splitting or merging of several herbaceous genera. To reconcile the taxonomic controversies, we reconstruct dated phylogenomic relationships of Berberidaceae based on 93 plastome sequences, including 23 newly generated plastomes of Berberis s.l. and 67 published Berberidaceae plastomes from GenBank that together cover all genera of the family. The results of our plastome phylogeny not only show overall high support values for the relationships among genera, but reconfirm the monophylies of all genera except Diphylleia, providing the most complete evolutionary insight into the intergeneric relationships of Berberidaceae. Based on the estimated clade ages from our dated phylogeny and the morphological differences, we recognize 19 genera and revise the infrafamilial classification of Berberidaceae with the proposition of two new tribes, i.e., Bongardieae tri. nov. and Jeffersonieae tri. nov.

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1 - Academia Sinica, Biodiversity Research Center, 128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang, Taipei, 11529, Taiwan
2 - National Taiwan University, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, 1 Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei, 10617, Taiwan

Bongardieae tri. nov.
Jeffersonieae tri. nov
molecular dating
tribal delimitation.

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Session: P3, Phylogenomics Posters
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Wednesday, July 21st, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM(EDT)
Number: P3PL016
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