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Bonifacino, Mauricio [1], Heiden, Gustavo [2], Baldwin, Bruce [3], Bergh, Nicola [4], Katinas, Liliana [5], Loeuille, Benoit [6], Egea, Marcelo Monge [7], Oberprieler, Christoph [8], Sancho, Gisela [5], Schilling, Edward [9], Susanna, Alfonso [10].

Morphology and Classification of Compositae: from Cassini to NGS and back again.

The objective of the workshop is to present an overview of the current knowledge on Compositaeclassification, evolution and biogeography, with an emphasis on morphological characterization ofthe many tribes.Through a series of short lectures by experts on each tribe, we will take the attendants on ajourney to discover the Compositae, providing the tools to easily understand the specializedterminology and a road map to navigate the intricate taxonomy by means of the characterization ofthe main groups in the most successful plant family on Earth.
1. General introduction to the family and discussion of main characters used in the taxonomy
2. Introduction to microcharacters and specimen preparation
3. Basal Grade: Barnadesieae, Nassauvieae, Mutisieae, Gochnatieae
4. Central grade: Cardueae, Cichorieae, Vernonieae, Gnaphalieae, Astereae, Senecioneae,Anthemideae, Liabeae
5. Heliantheae Alliance: Heliantheae, Helenieae, Neurolaeneae, Coreopsideae, Millerieae, Tageteae,Eupatorieae.
For each tribe, an overview of main morphological features, current knowledge on classification,species diversity, evolutionary relationships, geographic distribution and ecological and economicimportance will be presented.Morphological characterization will focus on vegetative and reproductive diagnostic characters to aid recognition of the main groups.

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1 - Universidad de la República, Departamento de Biología Vegetal, Uruguay
2 - Embrapa Clima Temperado, Laboratório de Recursos Genéticos,, Brazil
3 - University Of California, Jepson Herbarium & Dept. Of Integrative Biology, 1001 Valley Life Sciences Bldg. #2465, Berkeley, CA, 94720, United States
4 - Kirstenbosch Research Centre, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town, 7735, South Africa
5 - Museo de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
6 - Federal University of Pernambuco, Department of Botany, Brazil
7 - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Departamento de Botânica, Brazil
8 - Institute Of Plant Sciences, University Of Regensburg, Universitatsstr. 31, Regensburg, BY, D-93040, Germany
9 - University Of Tennessee, Department Of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 569 Dabney Hall, Knoxville, TN, 37996, United States
10 - Institut Botanic De Barcelona, Av Muntanyans Sn, Barcelona, 08038, Spain

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Presentation Type: Workshop
Session: W07, Morphology and Classification of Compositae: from Cassini to NGS and back again
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Sunday, July 18th, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM(EDT)
Number: W07001
Abstract ID:151
Candidate for Awards:None

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